16 March, 19:15
Public talk, Foyer

Q&A with the creative team

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Meeting with Cigare Sisters

Cigare Sisters

Actresses Junko Miyabe and Ayana Shibashi created this team after working once together. They saw similarities in their facial expressions, gestures and behavior and pretended to be sisters. Both are the youngest of three children in their families, both are left-handed. Their performance of Troubled Nights was shown in 2017, and again in Kyoto in February 2018 - in the program of the TRAM festival in Yokohama.

Junko Miyabe is a member of the Gotandadan troupe. She entered the Murinkan Theatre School at the Comab-Agora Theatre in 2015, and, in 2017, joined the Seynandan troupe, led by Hirata Oridza as an actress and stage director.

Ayana Shibashi studied theatre skills at the Sakura-Birin Institute. Without joining any troupe, she played in performances of various companies. She gained popularity after performing the role of Ponimashki in the play Ponimashki's Cookies. She played the lead in Kengo Yagawa's film Not a Man, and in 2014 she won a special jury prize at the Pia Film Festival. She teaches the art of performing narrative ballads (rokeku), and actively participates in various projects not related to theatre.


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