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17 March, 14:00
Performance, Foyer

No Good Night

Gotandadan&Cigare Sisters (Japan)
Written and directed by Shiro Maeda
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Written and directed by Shiro Maeda
Gotandadan (Japan)
Performers: Junko Miyabe, Ayana Shibashi.

With the support of the Japan Foundation

This is a nocturnal dialogue between two girls (their gender does not matter for the author), which eventually becomes an attempt to escape an anxious state of mind or, perhaps, survive a disaster. One wants to sleep, but the other does not allow her to fall asleep as she continues to chatter on a variety of everyday topics.

"This is the story of one person who wants to sleep, and another who does not want the other to fall asleep. At the same time it becomes the story of a person who wants to die, and a person who does not want the other to die." (From an interview with Shiro Maeda).

Cigare Sisters

Actresses Junko Miyabe and Ayana Shibashi created this team after working once together. They saw similarities in their facial expressions, gestures and behavior and pretended to be sisters. Both are the youngest of three children in their families, both are left-handed. Their performance of Troubled Nights was shown in 2017, and again in Kyoto in February 2018 - in the program of the TRAM festival in Yokohama.