Photo by Olympia Orlova


Based on Despoiled Shore Medeamaterial Landscape with Argonauts, a trilogy by Heiner Müller
Zhirair Gazaryan
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Duration: 1 hour, 50 minutes

The premiere took place on 3 July 2019.

Manmade disasters, wars, revolutions, death camps, repression, atomic bomb explosions, totalitarian regimes and one single voice linking the world of the dead with the world of the living. The voice linking those who participated in these events and those who are on the threshold of new ones. Medea's voice. Barbarically honest, ruthless. Painful, like any truth. Condemning the world for the sake of its salvation. Being in all spaces and time yet at the same time being absolutely lonely. Medea, who sacrificed everything in the name of love for Jason, was betrayed, humiliated and abandoned by him in a foreign land. At every moment of her mystery, she unwinds the coil of history back to the seed of betrayal, and destroys it in the kernel, restoring the world to its original purity.

Heiner Müller (1929 - 1995) was a German playwright, director, and poet. He was a pupil of Bertolt Brecht, and was a Socialist, although he had a complicated relationship with the authorities of the East German Republic. He took over the literary department of the Berliner Ensemble in 1976; in 1995 he became its artistic director. He was the author of numerous important, innovative theatre texts: Cement (1972), Hamletmachine (1977), Quartet (1980), Volokolamsk Highway (1984 - 1986) and others. He won numerous drama and theatre awards. The first full edition of Heiner Müller's texts in Russian was published in 2012 In Russia, his plays have been staged by Theodoros Terzopoulos (Quartet, Taganka Theatre, 1993), Andrei Moguchy (Hamletmachine, Formal Theatre, 1999), Anatoly Vasilyev (Medeamaterial, School of Dramatic Art within the framework of the Theatre Olympics , 2001), Kirill Serebrennikov (Müller Machine, Gogol Center, 2016).

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Zhirair Gazaryan is a director. He studied at GITIS under Andrei Goncharov, and was a member of the Anatoly Vasilyev laboratory. He worked as an actor at the Yerevan Drama Theater, and was a performer in Boris Yukhananov's Golem project. He studied in the master's program of directing at the Moscow Art Theatre, and created an independent laboratory that existed in 2013 in an apartment on Novoslobodskaya Street in Moscow where he created the social performance 140 Beats Per Minute.

Yulia Belous is an actress. She graduated from the Khabarovsk University of Culture, and was a participant of Zhirair Ghazaryan's laboratory in 2013. She has performed in several one-woman shows directed by Zhirair Gazaryan.


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Directed by Zhirair Gazaryan

Designed by Fyodor Gazaryan

Original music composed by Alexander Belousov

Performed by Yulia Belous

Film shot by Andrei Troitsky

Speech coach: Olga Matveeva