Theatre Night
Conceived and directed by Yelena Morozova
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Duration: 1 hour, 45 minutes

The ARTPULATION performance is a process in which the concepts of result and process differ only in words.

The course consisted of 28 lessons and was based on the Stanislavsky method of etudes, exercises by Mikhail Chekhov, and also on the compilation of speech techniques, body-oriented practices and topographic energy. At the heart of the training was the desire to achieve meaningful sensation in the moment, whether in life or on stage.

ARTPULATION was a basic course of performative socialization, allowing anyone to create a buffer of awareness in the performative moment, thus achieving distance from superficial reality, and an opportunity to see true reality.

“Performing as therapy; performing as communication between people; performing as lightness, humor and awareness; performing as the sensation of the performative moment in the individual's alignment which gives them a different look at life and themselves. It might even suggest something they might change in their lives. With the help of a conscious perception of performance in life, that is, an honest acceptance of the fact that there is no way out of playing games, we, oddly enough, can remain ourselves.” (Yelena Morozova).

Participants of the performance: Yulia Belyaeva, Valery Bulatov, Ksenia Bushina, Lyubov Denisova, Kristina Dobrsky, Daria Kovalevskaya, Alexandra Krasko, Ilya Lebedev, Polina Mandrik, Maxim Moiseev, Daria Nevskaya, Kolya Noekeln, Alexander Radchenko, Anna Simakina, Anna Smirnova, Maria Tyrskaya, Yulia Fyodorova, Roman Finogeev, Yevgeny Fomin, Christina Helgesson.


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Assistant director – Mikhail Salov