CINE FANTOM Film Club at the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre presents: Mechta Oligarha (The Dream of an Oligarch)

Программа летнего кинотеатра СИНЕ ФАНТОМ
Фильм Олега Хайбуллина
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Duration: 100 mins.

A performance film Mechta Oligarkha (The Dream of an Oligarch) based on Yuri Mamleev's novel Bluzhdaushee Vremya (Wandering Time). This is a story of a successful producer Aleksey Gorchakov who suddenly meets mysterious Elena. She helps him to travel back it time, right in his day of birth. Having been there, he meets strange people and they reveal a real Moscow for him, Moscow full of meanings. Mechta Oligarkha (The Dream of an Oligarch) gathered many actors, directors, producers, writers and painters of modern Russia.



Director: Oleg Khaibullin
Script: Yuri Mamleev, Oleg Khaibullin
Camera: Oleg Khaibullin, Andrey Murashov, Alexander Yurinskiy
Production design: Daniil Lebedev
Music: German Vinogradov
Producer: Oleg Khaibullin, Gleb Aleinikov, Andrey Silvestrov
Cast: Glev Aleinikov, Lenka Kabankova, Oleg Khaibullin, Yuri Mamleev, Andrey Tsitsernaki, German Vinogradov, Igor Lisov, Inna Kolosova, Sergey Koryagin, Andrey Silvestrov, Victor Alimpiev, Willie Melnikov, Anna Khaibullina, Tamara Sagaidak
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Year: 2011