Natalya Antonova


Graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in 1958 in Georgy Gerasimov's workshop. Worked for several years at the Moscow Art Theatre, then joined the company of the Stanislavsky Drama Theatre in 1964. Among over 30 roles, Antonova most fully expressed her gifts as a heroine in the classical repertoire - Tanya in Alexander Ostrovsky's The Marriage of Belugin, Liza in Leo Tolstoy's The Living Corpse, and Kupavina in Ostrovsky's Wolves and Sheep. She has worked in film as well as in radio and television. She performed starring roles in the films Clouds Over Borsk, Friends and Years, and The Stop Watch.

Roles in the Moscow Drama theatre named after K.S. Stanislavsky
2001Klelia in Will and Testament, Italian-Style, directed by Semyon Spivak
1994Signora Nanny in Insane by Choice , directed by Vladimir Beilis
1994Arina Panteleimonovna and Aunt № 2 in The Marriage, directed by Vladimir Mirzoev
1993Reflection of YUGEN №, directed by Natalya Kolyakanova
1989Meg in The Birthday, directed by . Аlexander Tovstonogov
1984Baba Yaga in The Frog Princess, directed by Alexander Tovstonogov and Olga Velikanova
1982Sergei's Mother in Wasn Not There, Did Not Take Part, directed by Alexander Tovstonogov
1981Zoya and Natalya in Impromptu Fantasy, directed by Alexander Tovstonogov
1975Kupavina in Wolves and Sheep, directed by Leonid Varpaxovsky
1974Lena in It's Not Evening Yet, directed by Les Tanyuk
1974Yelizaveta Andreevna in The Living Corpse, dir by Vladimir Kuzenkov
1971Tsinka in The Devil, directed by Les Tanyuk
1971Tanya in The Marriage of Belugin, directed by Ivan Bobylev
1970Maria in Born in Poland, directed by Vadim Klimovsky
1970Sophie in Love and Intrigue, directed by Yury Khmeletsky
1969Olga in Years of Pilgrimmage, directed by Georgy Sokolov
1969Liza in A Young Man's Confession, directed by Mikhail Reznikovich
1968Cecile and the Swineherd's Granddaughter in Robin Hood, directed by Yekaterina Yelanskaya
1967Victoria Tommi in Once Upon a Time in 1920, directed by Boris Lvov-Anokhin
1967Angela in Holy Night, directed by Georgy Sokolov
1966Three-Petaled Flower in The Little Prince, directed by Yekaterina Yelanskaya
1966Little Tonya in Anna, directed by Boris Lvov-Anokhin
1965The Reed in Japanese Tales, directed by V. Miller
1965Tanya in The Encyclopedists, directed by Boris Lvov-Anokhin
1964Girl in Mother Earth, directed by Boris Lvov-Anokhin
1964Milushka in The Twelve, directed by Vyacheslav Brovkin
1964Sasha in The Ship Deck, directed by Mamertas Karklyalis
1964Vixen, Molly and Lucy in The Threepenny Opera, directed by Semyon Tumanov
1964Essie in The Devil's Teacher, dir by Roza Ioffe
Roles in the cinema
1982Episode in Ever Since We've Been Together, directed by Vladimir Grigoryev
1979Lensmansha in The Young Mistress of Niskavuori, directed by Veiko Verttula and Lidia Ishimbaeva
1978Tanya in The Marriage of Belugin, directed by Ivan Bobylev and Boris Morozov
1970Tatyana (starring) in The Stop Watch, directed by Rezo Esadze
1965Nadya in Friend and Years, directed by Viktor Sokolov
1962Yelena Tsvetkova in There Will be no Silence, directed by Boris Kimyagarov
1960The teacher Kira Sergeevna (starring) in Clouds Over Borsk, directed by Vasily Ordynsky
1958Лида Лаврова, «Я не могла сказать…», реж. Х. Шмаин