Keti Chukhrov

Doctor of Philosophy, contemporary art theorist, poet

Head of the Scientific Information Department of the National Center for Contemporary Art, Associate Professor in the Department of General Art History at the Russian University for the Humanities. Her books include: Pound & £ (M.: Logos, 1999); Just People (St. Petersburg: Translit, 2010); To Be and to Perform. A Theatre Project in Philosophical Criticism of Art (2011). She has studied the work of Ezra Pound, Pierre Boulez, and Roland Barthes. She is the author of the dramatic poems Afghan - Kuzminki, Communion and others. She wrote Love Machines in 2013 for the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Bergen (Norway, 2013, curators Ekaterina Degot and David Riff).

Works at the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre include Love Machines (2016).

Roles in the Moscow Drama theatre named after K.S. Stanislavsky
2016Love Machines