Dear Spectators!

We are cancelling nothing. Throughout the period from October 28 to November 7 we will perform, screen films, and host all concerts as planned.

However, beginning on October 28, spectators will be admitted to performances and events at the Electrotheatre only by presenting a QR code and an ID. The QR code may be presented as a printout or on a smartphone screen.

For those who have not managed to receive a QR code, we will have a free express testing point.
If you wish not to visit the theatre between October 28 and November 7, then, until November 1, you may receive a refund of the full cost of any tickets you purchased in advance. For more information, call us at +7 (495) 699-72-24, or by writing to

Pavel Karmanov


Karmanov graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory. He is a constant participant at such music festivals as Moscow Autumn, Alternative, Dialogue, Warsaw Autumn, the Dmitry Shostakovich Festival in Seattle, and the Edison Denisov Festival in Tomsk.

He wrote the music for Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich’s production of Bifem, and has scored feature films and documentaries.

Among his projects are Vertep at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall with the participation of the Sirin Ensemble of Sacred Music; 13 Karmanov-Pockets, and Birthdays at the Dom Cultural Center.

His compositions are performed by Alexei Goribol, Polina Ossetinskaya, Mikhail Dubov, Marina Katarzhnova, Yelena Revich, Yury Bashmet, Nazar Kozhukhar and the Pocket Symphony Orchestra, Alexei Utkin, Tatyana Grindenko and OPUS POSTH, the Sirin Ensemble of Spiritual Music, the Seattle chamber players and ODEON-quartet, and the Chamber Orchestra of Russia. His works have been performed at the Large, Small and Rachmaninov Halls of the Moscow Conservatory, the House of Composers, the Large and Small Halls of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, and at concerts and festivals in different cities around the world. He is a pianist and flautist in Moscow’s Vezhlivy Otkaz rock band

Roles in the Moscow Drama theatre named after K.S. Stanislavsky
2017Galileo. Opera for Violin and Scholar, directed by Boris Yukhananov