Jan Kalnberzin (Curiosity Media Lab)

Video designer

Video and media designer.

Graduated from the Tsiolkovsky Aviation Technology Institute in Moscow. Was an active member of the underground in the 2000s as part of the PBOYuL musical group. He is a pioneer of stop motion animation in Moscow (video clip Sea of ​​Lilies for the Picasso Children group), and a participant in Russian and foreign video art and music festivals (Hype, Pusto, Сyberfest, MIGZ festival, Abracadabra Festival, Worldtronic).

He has been a member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 2009. A founder of Russian Visual Artists, a multimedia art and new technologies company. As part of the Russian Visual Artists team, he was a creator of video and special effects for such productions as: Agatha Comes Home (Praktika Theatre, 2010), The Golden Cockerel (Bolshoi Theatre, 2011), A Doll's House (Priyut Komedianta, St. Petersburg 2013), the hip-hop opera Cops on Fire (Mayakovsky Theatre, 2010), Dorian Gray (Yermolova Theatre, 2013), Ivan Vyrypaev's Sugar, and many others. Creator (with Yevgeny Afonin) of interactive scenography for the movement performance Living Room (Atelier Caroline Carlson, Paris 2013). Cops on Fire won the Grand Prix at the Texture Festival. Together with Polina Bakhtina, he received the gold medal of the Prague Quadrennial 2015 for best printed work - the animated Meyerhold's Dreams.

He is currently engaged in the creation of videos for movement performances of interactive multimedia installations. He is a participant in international and Russian exhibitions, and a teacher of his self-devised TouchDesigner interactive programming course.

Together with Yevgeny Afonin (Curiosity Media Lab) he devised the video scenography for Curiosity, a multimedia opera (directed by Alexei Smirnov).