Irina Grinyova


Graduated from the Yaroslavl State Theatre Institute and studied at Anatoly Vasilyev's School of Dramatic Art. Joined the company of the Stanslavsky Drama Theatre in 1998.


2009 Golden Lyre in the Perfection nomination for the role of Salome
2007 Seagull prize in the Femal Smile nomination for the best comedy role (Ornithology)
2006 Faces of the Year prize for the role of Masha in Three Sisters
2005 BEST AT BEAUTY in the Image of the Year nomination - a prize that demonstrates the look of modern girls and young women in the trends of the cosmetic market
2003 Seagull prize in the Seductive Woman nomination for the lead in A is Another
2002 Camay Diva prize for Best Actress in a TV Series
1995 Debut award at the Vladmir Vysotsky festival for the lead in Playing the Classics

Roles in the the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre
2019Солистка, «Александрийские песни», музыкально-поэтический перформанс
2016Elmira, Tartuffe, directed by Filipp Grigoryan
2016The Seagull II, directed by Yury Kvyatkovsky
Roles in the Moscow Drama theatre named after K.S. Stanislavsky
2009Yelena, There Shall be no Trojan War, directed by Alexander Galibin
2006Betty Schneider, Yevgraf the Adventurer, directed by Tatyana Akhramkova
2002Ophelia, Hamlet, directed by Dmitry Krymov
2000Nina, The Masquerade, directed by Viktor Shamirov
1999Olivia, The Twelfth Night, directed by Vladimir Mirzoev
1997Dasha, That, This Other World, directed by Vladimir Mirzoev
1996Marya Antonovna, Khlestakov, directed by Vladimir Mirzoev
Roles in other theaters
2016Blanche Dubois, A Streetcar Named Desire, directed by Yegor Ravinsky, Voronezh Chamber Theatre
2016Journalist, Borya is Lacking Something..., directed by Sergei Petreikov, Zueva Palace of Culture
2013Nadia, Cerceau, directed by Vladimir Ageev, Another Theatre
2012Alice, Dance, directed by Vladimir Ageev, Moderne Theatre
2011Marina, A Little Bit About a Woman, directed by Vladimir Ageev, Another Theatre
2008Alexandra, Stirlitz Walks the Corridor..., directed by Yelena Shevchenko, Another Theatre
2008Salome, Salome, directed by Vladimir Ageev, Moderne Theatre
2008Sister, Niagara, directed by Regis Obadia, Praktika Theatre
2007Tanechka, Ornithology, directed by Vladimir Ageev, Another Theatre
2005Masha, Three Sisters, directed by Declan Donnelan, International Confederation of Theatre Unions
2005A., A is Another, directed by Olga Subbotina, Playwright and Director Center
2004Elvira, Don Juan, directed by Mark Weill, Praktika Theatre
2000Antigone, Happiness Is, Vladimir Ageev, Praktika Theatre
2000Marina Mnisek, Boris Godunov, directed by Declan Donnellan, International Confederation of Theatre Unions
2000Gretchen, Moskau See in Moscow is an Open City, directed by Vladimir Ageev, Playwright and Director Center
2000Polly, The Millionaire, directed by Vladimir Mirzoev, Praktika Theatre
2000Antigone, Antigone, director Vladimir Ageev, Pushkin Theatre
1998Vera, A Month in the Country, directed by Vladimir Ageev, Epigone Theatre
1997Agnia, Life is No Bed of Roses, directed by Viktor Shamirov, Chelovek Theatre-Studio
1995Magician, Playing the Classics, directed by Vladimir Ageev, Praktika Theatre
Roles in the cinema
2023«Все в сад, или Русская классика в цветах. Третий сезон», реж. Андрей Грачев
2022«Времена года», реж. Максим Шабалин
2022Любовь Орлова, «Раневская», реж. Дмитрий Петрунь
2021«В Бореньке чего-то нет», реж. Никита Власов
2020«Спроси Марту», реж. Флюза Фархшатова
2020Карина Мурадовна, «Доктор Лиза», реж. Оксана Карас
2019Ирина Белоголовцева, «(НЕ)идеальный мужчина», реж. Марюс Вайсберг
2018Мария Владимировна, «Умри, Джульетта!», реж. Максим Шабалин
2017Татьяна Потапова, «Икра», реж. Виталий Воробьёв
2016«Журналюги», реж. Сергей Коротаев
2015Maria Ustinova, Miracle in Crimea, directed by Vitaly Pavlov
2015Katya Manobova, Mysterious Passion, directed by Vlad Furman
2015Artyom's Mother, Holiday of Disobedience, directed by Valery Kharchenko
2015Veronika Sergeevna, 30 Meetings, directed by Tatyana Kapitan
2014Laura, New Year's Flight, directed by Nana Dzhordzhadze
2014Marina, With Ease, directed by Alexander Solovyov
2012Yulia Bitova, Thursday, 12, directed by Sergei Popov
2012Ulyana, After School, directed by Andrei Boltenko, Vladimir Presnyakov and others
2012Tatyana Smirnova, Mother by Chance, directed by Eva Strelnikova
20112011 Milana, Return Home, directed by Guzel Kureeva
2011Marina Flerova, MUR. The Third Front, directed by Elyor Ishmukhamedov
2010Dina / Tanya, The Last Minute, directed by Alexander Kirienko, Alexei Treiman and others
2010Viktoria Chibisova, Voices, directed by Nana Dzhordzhadze, Alexander Hwang
2009Lena, Seker, directed by Sabit Kurmanbekov
2009Irina Crawford, The Wood Demon, Continued, directed by Alexander Kopeikin
2008Taisia, Touch the Sky, directed by Leonid Gorovets
2007Baroness Neugard, Detective Putilin, directed by Sergei Gazarov
2007Valentina Kalinkina, Open Up, Santa Claus!, directed by Olga Subbotina
2007Irina Dairova, Oranienbaum. The Silver Samurai, directed by Vladimir Kott
2007Yevgenia Svyatozarova, Vacation of Love, directed by Vadim Arapov
2007Lada Rybka, The Year of the Golden Fish, directed by Andrei Krasavin
2007Karina, The Sad Queen of Hearts, directed by Vera Kharybina
2007Zhanna Polskaya, Experts, directed by Andrei Selivanov
2007Yulia, I'm Staying, directed by Karen Oganesyan
2006Marina, More Important than Love, directed by Vadim Ostrovsky
2006Inna Solovyeva, Conventional Unit, directed by Alexander Atanesyan
2005Viktoria Teryokhina, My Personal Enemy, directed by Vladimir Popkov
2005Maria Dolgova, Planted, directed by Yevgeny Serov
2005Lyolya, The Illusion of a Dream, directed by Dmitry Sazhin
2004Diana, I Love You, directed by Olga Stolpovskaya, Dmitry Troitsky, and others
2004Lisa Subbotina, Only You, directed by Nana Dzhordzhadze
2004Yuulia, The Blind (Liquidator), directed by Sergei Makhovikov and Sergei Lyalin
20042004 Maryasha, Farewell, Dr. Freud!, Directed by Marina Migunova
2004Contender 8, Winter Spring, directed by Alexander Zeldovich
2004Darya, Always Say Always - 2, directed by Alexei Kozlov
2003Nina, A Passenger Without Luggage, directed by Khuat Akhmetov
2003Zhanna, Station, directed by Andrei Kavun
2002Journalist, The Shield of Minerva, directed by Sergei Tkachyov
2000Anna Kazimirovna, A House for the Rich, directed by Vladimir Fokin
1998Lada, Pretenders-2, directed by Konstantin Khudyakov