Dear Spectators!

We are cancelling nothing. Throughout the period from October 28 to November 7 we will perform, screen films, and host all concerts as planned.

However, beginning on October 28, spectators will be admitted to performances and events at the Electrotheatre only by presenting a QR code and an ID. The QR code may be presented as a printout or on a smartphone screen.

For those who have not managed to receive a QR code, we will have a free express testing point.
If you wish not to visit the theatre between October 28 and November 7, then, until November 1, you may receive a refund of the full cost of any tickets you purchased in advance. For more information, call us at +7 (495) 699-72-24, or by writing to

Alisher Khasanov


Окончил Алма-Атинское хореографическое училище и балетмейстерский факультет РАТИ. Работал артистом балета в Театре оперы и балета при Санкт-Петербургской государственной консерватории им. Н. А. Римского-Корсакова, Театре «Балет Москва», Музыкальном театре им. К. С. Станиславского и В. И. Немировича-Данченко. Дипломант XI Международного конкурса артистов балета и хореографов. Сотрудничал с Мастерской Петра Фоменко, БДТ им. Г. А. Товстоногова, МДТ – Театром Европы и др. Режиссер опер, мюзиклов, цирковых программ. Педагог.

Roles in the Moscow Drama theatre named after K.S. Stanislavsky
2017«Songs from Oblivion. Песни Пца»