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Aleftina Konstantinova

Honored Artist of Russia

Aleftina Konstantinova joined the troupe of the Oryol Regional Drama Theatre when she was just 16 years old. She graduated from the acting department of the State Institute of Theatre Arts in 1959, after which she was immediately invited to join the company at the Stanislavsky Drama Theatre. In her first two seasons she played the lead female roles in: Love Like That, Meetings on the Road, and Anya Beryozko's Love. Her first serious success, however, came with her performance of Nina Zarechnaya in The Seagull. She received the grand prize for best female performance at the Pan Union Chekhov Festival.

While serving in the same theatre for 50 years, Aleftina Konstantinova has played the roles of Ismene (Antigone, directed by Boris Lvov-Anokhin), Anna Vasilyeva (A Housewarming in an Old House, directed by Alexander Tovstonogov), IOlan (The Devil, directed by Les Tanyuk) and others.

Konstantinova has played many memorable roles in cinema. She debuted on screen as a student in 1957, playing Tanya in A Sailor Came on Shore. Other roles include Vera in After the Wedding, Masha in the dramatic film One-Street Town, Valentina Kolomiitseva in The Light of a Distant Star, directed by the great Ivan Pyryev.

Aleftina Konstantinova works in the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre alongside her husband Vladimir Korenev and her daughter Irina Koreneva. 

Roles in the the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre
2015Mytyl, Lida, Donna Anna, Nina Zarechnaya, Alla in The Blue Bird, directed by Boris Yukhananov
Roles in the Moscow Drama theatre named after K.S. Stanislavsky
2013Mrs. Zubritskaya, Fools, directed by Valery Belyakovich
2012Duchess de Vobricourt, The Last Night of Don Juan, directed by Valery Belyakovich
1999Madame Jourdain, The Bourgeois Gentleman, directed by Semyon Spivak
1994Signora Sirelli, Right You Are if You Think You Are, directed by Vladimir Beilis
1993The Woman, The Thesmaphoria Festival, directed by Valery Sarkisov
1989Yekaterina Yuryeva, Woman's Table at the Hunting Lodge, directed by Vladimir Portnov
1988Antonina Vasilyevna, A Housewarming in a New House, directed by Alexander Tovstonogov
1983Meg, To Be or Not to Be, directed by Vladimir Portnov
1982Alina, The Threshold, directed by Vladimir Portnov
1980Sister Clara, Cyrano de Bergerac, directed by Boris Morozov
1976Alla Sergeevna, The Test, directed by Vladimir Kuzenkov
1975Lidia Ivanovna, A Rainbow in Winter, directed by Igor Kozlov
1972Repnikova, Farewell in June, directed by Alexander Tovstonogov
1971Iolan, The Devil, directed by Les Tanyuk
1970Sofie, Love and Intrigue, directed by Yury Khmelnitsky
1970Jagenka, Born in Poland, directed by Vadim Klimovsky
1968Clorinda, Robin Hood, directed by Yektarina Yelanskaya
1967Snake, The Little Prince, directed by Yektarina Yelanskaya
1966Ismene, Antigone, directed by Boris Lvov-Anokhin
1963Suzy, Dolly, Molly, Threepenny Opera, directed by Sergei Tumanov
1960Nina Zarechnaya, The Seagull, directed by Mikhail Yanshin and Platon Lesli
1958Lida, Maika, Love Like That, directed by Mikhail Yanshin and Pavel Reznikov
1954Olga, Anya Beryozko's Love, directed by Sergei Tumanov
Roles in the cinema
1988Nikodimovna, Housewarming in an Old House, directed by Alexander Tovstonogov and Nadezhda Marusalova
1982Vigaeva, I'll Go When I Believe, directed by Boris Morozov and Olga Gorshkova
1974Snake, The Little Prince, directed by Yekaterina Yelanskaya, Natalya Barinova and others
1965Valentina Kolomiitseva, The Light of a Distant Star, directed by Ivan Pyryev
1963Masha, One Street City, directed by Yakov Bazelyan
1962Vera, After the Wedding, directed by Mikhail Yershov
1957Tanya, A Sailor Came on Shore, directed by Grigory Aronov and Lev Danilov