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The Storm

Selected scenes from Alexander Ostrovsky’s classic tragedy The Storm
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Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

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25 February,  Sunday
4 March,  Sunday

Young actors perform selected scenes from Alexander Ostrovsky’s classic tragic drama The Storm. Exploring taboo passions using contemporary language, they literally combine the languages of body and sound. The actor who dances the lead role of Katarina wears sensors that translate her movements into music. The experimental Golden Ass project makes possible the debut performances of many young directors, graduates of Boris Yukhananov’s Individual Direction Workshop. The characters and plot complications of Apuleius' legendary novel The Golden Ass, written in the second century A.D., form the basis of this project.

Asisstant Director: Anastasia Popova
Author: Alexander Ostrovsky
Sound designer: Alexander Belousov
Artists: Anna Gorbas, Olga Dykhovichnaya, Alexander Kutovoi

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