Photo by Andrey Bezukladnikov

Drillalians. Episode V. Vladimir Rannev

An opera series over five evenings with music by six composers
Director: Boris Yukhananov
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Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes

Nearest performances

16 February,  Friday
17 February,  Saturday

The premiere took place on 6 July 2015.

English translation of the libretto John Freedman

Drillalia is assimilated into our reality. Drillalians are semi-underground immigrants. The Last Drillaliet, who becomes a shapeshifter, attempts to remember his own self. Overcoming catastrophe, undergoing metamorphosis, and shrouded in the chaotic mood of the city on water, he finds himself together with the Drillalian Prince in modern-day spectral Venice.

The opera tells about the birth, initiation and adventures of a Drillalian Prince. According to the laws of Drillalia, this all occurs simultaneously in the future, the present and the past – time frames and events intertwine whimsically in the young man’s maturing consciousness. The performance is accompanied by English-language supertitles.

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