Maxim Derichev


Graduated with honors from the theatre department of the Saratov State Conservatory in 2012. While still a student, he performed in many productions at the Saratov Drama Theatre, the Saratov Opera and Ballet Theatre, and more.
In 2012 he joined the troupe of the Stanislavsky Drama Theatre. During his first season there he played Saturday (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, directed by Oleg Anishchenko and Mikhail Belyakovich), Entrepreneur Lucio (Dolls, directed by Valery Belyakovich), and other roles.

Roles in the the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre
2016Dorn, The Seagull, directed by Yury Muravitsky, Yury Kvyatkovsky, and Kirill Vytoptov
2015Bread, The Delight of Eating, Monk, The Blue Bird, directed by Boris Yukhananov
2015People, The Human Use of Human Beings, directed by Romeo Castellucci
Roles in the Moscow Drama theatre named after K.S. Stanislavsky
2012Entrepreneur Lucio, Dolls, directed by Valery Belyakovich
2012Saturday, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, directed by Oleg Anishchenko and Mikhail Belyakovich
Roles in other theaters
2011Aged Romeo, Shakespeare's Sonnets, directed by Alexei Zykov, Saratov Opera and Ballet Theatre
2011First Boyar, In a Certain Kingdom..., directed by Yury Kudinov, the Saratov Drama Theatre
2011Joseph, The Miracle of St. Anthony, directed by Ansar Khalilulin, Saratov Drama Theatre
2010Suitor of King Claudius, Hamlet, directed by Marina Glukhovskaya, Saratov Drama Theatre
2010Tin Soldier, The Tale of the Nutcracker and the Mouse King, directed by Anton Kovalenko, Saratov Drama Theatre
Roles in the cinema
2018Метростроевец, «Довлатов/Dovlatov», реж. Алексей Герман (младший)
2018Саня, «Ну, здравствуй, Оксана Соколова!», реж. Кирилл Васильев
2018Козлов. «Сезон посадок», реж. Илья Малкин
2017Базилио, «Парижанка», реж. Алексей Смирнов, Алексей Магид
2017Stas, The Law of the Stone Jungle-2, directed by Pavel Kostomarov
2017Marriage Games, directed by Andrei Selivanov
2016Piatak, Teacher in the Law. Fights, directed by Boris Kazakov and Alexander Kalugin
2016Igor, Traffic Light, directed by Roman Fokin and Yekaterina Zabulonskaya
2016Neverov, Freshman, directed by Valeria Ivanovskaya
2016Hotel Eleon, directed by Anton Fedotov, Anton Maslov and others
2016Ivan Rykov, One Against All, directed by Vladimir Vinogradov and Mikhail Wasserbaum
2016Roman, The Genie, directed by Andrei Selivanov
2016Vladislav, Be Gone, Vasya!, directed by Roman Karimov
2016Oleg, Poor People, directed by Zhanna Kadnikova
2015Escort, SOS, Santa Claus, or Everything Will Come True!, directed by Arman Gevorgyan
2014Vova, The Steppe Wolves, directed by Yevgeny Solalov and Dmitry Matov
2014Maxim Lunin, The Killer's Profile-2, directed by Vladimir Koifman
2014Mikhalyuk, The Courier, directed by Sergei Polyansky
2014Prison Boss, The Laws of the Streets, directed by Rustam Urazaev
2014Zhenya, Moscow Never Sleeps, directed by Johnny O'Reilly
2014Puppet Theatre Actor, The Provocateur, directed by Stanislav Shmelyov
2013Pasha, Don't Anger Girls, directed by Irina Bychkova
2013Mikhail Balykov, Cop in the Law-7, directed by Yevgeny Sologalov
2012Airport Border Guard, The Man from Nowhere, directed by Yury Popovich, Yevgeny Malkov and others
2012Smolin, Hounds-5, directed by Valery Myznikov
2012Younger Brother, Pyatnitsky-2, directed by Sergei Lesogorov
2011Konstantin Shkiper, Cop Wars-6, directed by Sergei Raevsky
2011Cook, Personal Circumstances, directed by Alexei Lebedev
2011Borov, Foundry-4, directed by Sergei Poluyanov, Maxim Bryus and others
2010Freight Handler, I Want to be Loved, directed by Vadim Arapov