Asya Andrianova

Actor in the dance group of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre

Graduated from the choreography department of the Moscow State University of Culture in 2009. Has worked in many different kinds of dance performances: contemporary dance, modern, jazz, improvisation, classical dance, American and Irish step. She has staged her own productions and joint performances with musicians, poets, and artists (Sergei Letov, Viktor Nikolaev, Maral Yakshieva, etc.) at various venues: DOM cultural center, Empty Hills, the Moscow House of Composers, etc.

Roles in the Electrotheater Stanislavsky
2015Stewardess, Clock, Athlete, Blue Swan, The Blue Bird, directed by Boris Yukhananov
Roles in other theaters
2008Illusion, a performance at project FABRIKA
2007Introverted Dance, a photo exhibit of Vladimir Lupovsky
2007Mono performances: Once Again Monday, Your Every Sigh, or, In Search of an Editor
2004Rainbow from Beneath, Kannon Dance festival of young choreographers
Roles in the cinema
Works in the Electrotheater Stanislavsky
2016«Идиотология», реж. Клим Козинский