31 October, 21:00
Concert, Electro Staircase


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The name Electrotubus (from the Latin tubus - "trumpet") comes from the latest techniques of extracting sound on classical instruments. The flute, in fact, is basically another trumpet, which these days allows you to extract a variety of different and unusual sounds.

The program includes compositions for flute and electronics by cult contemporary academic composers, including the sophisticated Kayu Saariaho who works in spectral techniques, the classic American avant-guardist Roger Reynolds, and the Dutch minimalist Jacob Ter Veldhuis. Also in program is music by young composers, including Alexei Nadzharov with a new piece for flute and electronics.

Participants: Maria Alikhanova  – Questa Musica (flute), Alexei Nadzharov (electronics), Alexei Yepishev (video artist).

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