26 October, 19:00
Public talk, Foyer

Speech and Revolution. And Aesthetic Theory

A program of the Theatrum Mundi laboratory jointly with the School for Contemporary Spectators and Listeners
Free registration
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Cultural changes have brought theatre and other artistic practices to a state where practitioners, theorists, and the public no longer consider spectacle or artifact a result of the artistic process. Theories of performative aesthetics suggest seeing theatre as a space for the transformation of the cultural order.

What are the possibilities of speech in such a case?

Yelena Petrovskaya is a philosopher, the chief editor of Blue Sofa magazine, and the head of the aesthetics sector at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Yulia Liderman moderates the discussion. She is a cultural expert, a senior researcher at the School of Contemporary Humanitarian Studies of the Russian Academy of Science and Technology.


Free admission by way of prior registration on TimePad.ru.


The School for the Contemporary Viewer and Listener
Theatrum Mundi

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