24 September, 17:00
Presentation, Foyer

Presentation of Modern Bulgarian Drama. Volume 2

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The Bulgarian Cultural Institute with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria, Iztok-Zapad (Sofia, Bulgaria) and the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre present new Bulgarian plays.

This collection continues the series of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Moscow, introducing the Russian public to translations of new Bulgarian plays. This volume offers 11 plays written in different techniques and genres, but united by a keen sense of modernity.

Among the authors of this collection is Hristo Boytchev, whose play The Colonel-Bird is in the repertoire of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre. Hristo Boytchev will participate in the presentation online and will talk about his new play The Raid.

The presentation includes translators from Bulgarian into Russian, actors and directors who have worked with Bulgarian authors, and scholars of culture. Following the presentation, guests may attend the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre’s production of Boytchev’s The Colonel-Bird as directed by Roman Drobot.

Free admission with prior registration on TimePad.ru

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