21 September, 22:00
Concert, Electro Staircase

Electrostatica. KΑΤΑΠΥΓΩΝ (Katapyugon)

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KΑΤΑΠΥΓΩΝ (Katapyugon) is a rear-guard music formation from the industrial suburbs of Moscow that applies ritual electronics to Hellenic texts.

In September, Katapyugon launches a project of performing Homer’s The Odyssey over a 12-month period at 12 different venues. The first step takes place at the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre.

Incorporating the space of the Electro Stairwell, vocalists and musicians will be located on different levels and will freely move among spectators, accompanied by streams of multi-channel immersive sound.
From the element of water to the annual rings of an olive tree stump that serves as the hero’s house and bed, the circular integrity of a year’s time shall be revealed - "moving in a circle by itself" (περιπλομενος ενιαυτος).

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