5 September, 16:00
Public talk, Foyer

Against Documentation

A Meeting with Director Boris Nikitin
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The School of Contemporary Spectators and Listeners, and with the support of Pro Helvetia Moscow:

Swiss theatre director, playwright, and essayist Boris Nikitin works at home and abroad: his plays epitomize the very essence of documentary, they challenge the viewer and the director himself to question the way that the real and the fictional interact. That is a key issue for contemporary theatre, which deals with the interconnection of these two phenomena, as well as of the whole world itself. It also deals with the problem of trust in the "present," which in fact is "fake." Nikitina founded and runs a festival of documentary art called It's The Real Thing - and in that title we see a provocation; can anything be real today?

St. Petersburg and Moscow know Nikitin’s work thanks to the festivals "Access Point" and NET. In the fall of 2018 he will come to Moscow again to show his productions at the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, at Boris Yukhananov's Studio of Individual Directing, and at the Lyubimovka festival of young drama. Nikitin's experience, both practical and theoretical, is undoubtedly important for those who are interested in the document in all its manifestations. Among his latest works are Hamlet, Meet Your Enemy in a Men's Club (Schauspielhaus, Zurich), It's The Real Thing (Basel, April 2019).

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