18 July, 19:00
Film, Small stage

Bar Talks by Schumann

Eat Film Festival and the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre present a film screening and a talk back with Charles Schumann
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Bar Talks by Schumann
Directed by Marieke Schroeder
98 minutes

The Eat Film Festival is the first Russian festival of documentary films about gastronomic culture, founded by Kirill Sorokin and Alyona Bocharova, creators of Beat Film Festival, an international documentary film fest about new culture, and restaurateur Yekaterina Drozdova.

This screening of documentaries about the main trends and people in the sphere of gastronomy, parties, and dinners, plus discussions with the performers and film directors, will be held in Moscow from July 18 to 22.

Many know Charles Schumann as the imposing gray-haired man from a Hugo Boss commercial, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, Charles (real name: Karl Georg Schumann) is a barman and the owner of Munich Schumann's American Bar (and several others), a cult figure for the international bar industry, a connoisseur of cocktail culture, a writer, a boxer, and a style icon. After seeing this film one wants sincerely to say "thank you" for the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the inside of the world’s best bars, including Dead Rabbit and Employees Only (New York), High Five (Tokyo), Hemingway bar at the Paris Ritz (named after the writer), and El Floridita (Havana), Hemingway’s favorite bar.

Among the film's heroes are industry gurus, journalists like Robert Simonson, Charles's constant co-author, the famous illustrator Gunther Mattei, and a dozen other important personalities of the bar world who talk about the history and theory of cocktail making, service and attitude to guests, secret ingredients and shaking techniques. "This is a movie for bartenders and barbers. Although, not really. This is a film about hidden beauty," says Charles Schumann about the film.

A conversation with Charles Schumann will follow the screening.

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