23 July, 19:00
Theatre Yard

Carpet Party. 1,000 and One

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The Carpet Party is the pilot version of a new project from the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre and the KTOMY (Who are we) art group. It is based on the 1,001 tales from the Arabian Nights. The entire ElectroYard will be covered with oriental carpets and will turn into a true caravanserai, a place for travelers to relax, where you can not only spend the night and eat your fill, but also listen to mysterious stories, immersed in the heart of the Arab world. The Carpet Party will give spectators a glimpse of these mystical texts and will be the first stop on a research project that the KTOMY art group is undertaking.

The 4-hour performance will unfold in several locations around the ElectroYard according to the principle of continuous action, an intricately structured Eastern-style pattern of performances, readings, and installations. Each participant of the project will present his or her view on one of the fragments of the Arabic epic. Spectators will exist on an equal plane with actors, freely moving around the space and taking part in the action.

The Arabian Nights are not just fairy tales or a collection of Eastern wisdom, and they certainly are not stories for children. Their texts reveal the mechanisms of interacting with the world, they harbor the mystical laws of existence, while being neither religious nor sacred. They are on almost every bookshelf; the whole world knows them - and yet nobody really understands them. The creators of this project are seeking a new way to look at these ancient texts, attempting to understand what they may mean today, when our life changes faster than we are able to notice.

The KTOMY art group is an association of young directors and artists, students of the Individual Directing Studio Boris Yukhananov (MIR-5) and the School of Design of the Higher School of Economics, graduates of the British Higher School of Design under the direction of Anastasia Nefyodova, the chief designer of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre. The first KTOMY project was the Pushkin Games parade at the 8th Platonov Festival in Voronezh - a large-scale performance-procession of Pushkin's works, which were viewed by over 30,000 people.

Carpet Parties will be held regularly in the Theatre Yard of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre throughout the warm season. They will be aimed at discovering new artistic means in the field of contemporary theatre, art and urban leisure time.

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