27 July, 20:00
Concert, Theatre Yard

Opening of the ElectroJazz festival

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The ElectroJazz festival takes place regularly during the warm season in the Theatre Yard of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, from May to September, and offers various trends in contemporary freejazz.

Concert No. 1 consists of three sets, the first of which lasts 1 hour, and 30 minutes.

It features composer Kirill Shirokov, actress and musician Vera Romanova, musicians Dmitry Khramtsov, Sergei Khramtsevich, Georgy Mansurov, Alexander Serenko, Riad Mamedov, and Sergei Kuchmenko, as well as dancers Vitaly Terekhovsky, Asya Belaya, Irina Latortseva. Throughout the sets performers will interact with music and space.

Natella Speranskaya, philosopher, and founder and curator of the JanusAcademy cultural and educational project, will participate as an invited guest. Her books include The Path to a New Metaphysics, Dionysus Persecuted, and Essays on the Revival of Antiquity, and she has written numerous articles on philosophy and culture.

In the second musical set, Natella will perform "Eight (not) poetic experiments" with the musicians.

Kirill Shirokov and Alexander Serechenko will present an improvisation on two pianos, during which time dancers Asya Belaya and Irina Latortseva will perform a dance score, interacting with the music.
Georgy Mansurov and Riad Mamedov will introduce the audience to new a new quality in electronic sounds, and the musicians will try out their discoveries in the form of electro FreeJazz.

Vera Romanova is the festival emcee.

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