13 June, 18:05
Public talk, Foyer

ElectroTalk: Psychosis with director Alexander Zeldovich

Free registration
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This ElectroTalk on June 13 will take place at 6:05 p.m. before the evening performance of Alexander Zeldovich’s production of Psychosis. We will discuss the British drama of the in-yer-face generation, the aesthetics of the 1990s, feminism and contemporary art as practiced by AES + F. We will also talk about why 19 actresses perform a text that is a monologue in the original.

Alexander Zeldovich: “This production is a dance macabre, a dance of death, a ritual and a grotesque. The tragic is always the slash where destiny is the numerator, the individual is the denominator, and the remainder of each depends on their faith.”

The discussion is in Russian; the performance is in Russian with English subtitles.

Free admission by way of advance registration on TimePad.ru

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