2 June, 21:00
Concert, Electro Staircase

Electrostatica. eight-armed

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The duo of Moscow composer Darya Zvezdina and electronics engineer Felix Mikensky was formed at the end of 2017. Seeking specifically not to delve too deeply into each other's individual musical tastes, the two musicians joined forces behind the DJ console in order to use it as an instrument. For their material they chose numerous popular compositions ranging from Middle Eastern folk music, contemporary compositions and improvised music, to European folk, and doom metal. Using a crossfader and a bundle of effects, Zvezdina and Mikensky cancel the habitual understanding of the DJ as a music selector and offer a new one - a musician and sound producer. From the outset, the listener hears a sensitive, unpredictable mix of sound dissolved in space - a finished work, a colorful collage of moods and experiences.

Text: Yevgeny Galochkin

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