2 June, 19:00
Public talk, Foyer

The Video Artist in Contemporary Theatre

A meeting featuring Ilya Shagalov, Oleg Mikhailov and Stepan Lukyanov
Free registration
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A joint project of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre and the Contemporary Art Bachelor’s program at the Higher School of Economics

This meeting in the Artist in Contemporary Theatre cycle, organized by the School of Design at the Higher School of Economics jointly with the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, is devoted to modern video technologies in theatre.

Video in theatre has long been a familiar and convenient means of forming a theatrical, artistic language. It allows us to create new forms, find meanings, and to speak with new spectators in an appropriate, contemporary manner. Video as text, as decoration, as an extension of the boundaries of the stage space, and as a conceptual superstructure that looks ironically at the screen habits of the contemporary spectator – these are the functions of video in contemporary Russian theatre that require reflection and analysis.

What does a video artist do in the theatre? What multimedia technologies have already been mastered by Russian theatre, and what else remains to be learned? How can a video artist embrace the stage space without turning theatre into film? How do you build a balance between the real and the virtual? These questions will be discussed by artists Ilya Shagalov, Oleg Mikhailov and Stepan Lukyanov, who will give specific examples about the opportunities offered by multimedia technologies in contemporary theatre, and will discuss what a video artist coming work in theatre must know how to do.

Free admission with prior registration on TimePad.ru

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