24 May, 19:00
Public talk, Foyer

Theatrical production aesthetics: studio / school / laboratory in 20th-century theatre

A Seminar of the Theatrum Mundi Laboratory
Free registration
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Throughout the history of 20th-century theatre, observers became interested not only in public theatrical performance, but also in the consideration of various structures and types of interaction among art collectives (groups, troupes, laboratories, schools).

As an experiment in conducting theatre research, this conversation proposes to look at the process of work, the organization of work, and the history of the invention of new ways of working among theatre groups. This discussion shall touch on the differences among such organizational forms as the theatre-studio, the theatre school and the theatre-laboratory.

Participants: Yulia Liderman, Valery Zolotukhin, Vera Senkina, Varvara Sklez (research team for the project entitled "The Laboratory as an Institutional and Artistic Structure in the Art of Theatre of the 20th and 21st centuries (Soviet and Russian Contexts),” which is organized by the School of Contemporary Humanitarian Studies at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service.

 Admission free with prior registration on TimePad.ru.

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