6 April, 20:00
Film, Foyer

CINE FANTOM Film Club presents Birds, a film by Alexander Dolgin and Iraida Yusupova

On the Occasion of Alexander Dolgin's 60th Birthday
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Release date: 2011
​Duration: 71 ​minutes
​Alexander Dolgin: ​director, ​camera, ​images, ​animation, ​FX
​Iraida Yusupova: ​director, ​screenplay, ​music, ​sound art, ​video editing
​Cast: ​Yelena Lukyanchikova, ​Larisa ​Subbotina, ​German ​Vinogradov, ​Willy ​Melnikov, ​Vera Pavlova, ​Steven Seymour, ​Dilyara Gabitova, ​Anastasia ​Braudo, ​Antonio ​Gramsci, ​Dmitry ​Cheglakov, ​Pavel ​Labazov, ​Yury ​Petkevich, ​Natalya ​Anastasyeva, ​Natalya Pavlova

This film is performed in a fictional, non-existent language, a mixture of rare, ancient, artificial, and improvised languages, as well as fragments of some identifiable languages.

Each viewer will understand the film in his or her own way, and what remains misunderstood will remain in the memory as a beautiful mystery that will reveal itself later.

Birds was shown at the 2MORROW festival, Cyberfest (Sergei Kuryohin Center, St. Petersburg), the Kansk Film Festival (Kansk) in 2011, the CINE FANTOM program at the MIFF-2012, and was the closing film at the Festival Mondial des Cinémas Sauvages in Brussels in 2017.

The screening will be followed by a traditional discussion with the authors.



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