18 March, 16:00
Presentation, Small stage

Turn that Off!

A participant in the Children’s Weekend of the Golden Mask Festival
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A guide to the history of electronic dance music

Production, script and sound: Daniel Pikturny
Lecturers: Alexei Platunov, Yevgeny Lazarenko

Turn that Off! is a new kind of lecture. It is simultaneously a concert, a performance, and a media presentation.

Today, music is usually listened to in solitude - the playlist in VKontakte replaces not only trips to the Philharmonic, but also a weekend at the club. The theatre is one of the few remaining places where people listen collectively.

This project of young artists and producers of the Alexandrinsky Theatre’s New Stage is based on the lively interaction between lecturer and audience. It represents the instantaneous transition from theory to practice, combined with the collective engagement in a new experience, thus allowing the topic to be fully explored. And the topic is fascinating: the history of electronic dance music.

Tickets available on the Golden Mask Festival website

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