27 February, 20:00
Film, Foyer

CINE FANTOM Film Club presents

A screening and discussion of a film by Margarita Mikhailova
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Screenwriter and director: Margarita Mikhailova
Producers: Yelena Yatsura (In Motion, Sheer Ice, Diary of the Kamikaze, Our Own, The 9th Company, The Last Train, 4, April, The Goddess: How I Fell in Love, Sky. Airplane. Girl, Red Pearl of Love, Tulip, Cadences, Barroom Lights, The Little Bird) and Viktor Kuznetsov Co-Producer: Andrei Devyatkin Associate Producer: Miroslava Tsapko

Cast: Sonya Ozyorova, Alyona Toimintseva, Alexei Vertkov, Pyotr Skvortsov, Yulia Aug, Yury Chursin, Polina Aug, Yung Ge, Alexander Gorchilin

A Deep Communications production, with the participation of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

A kind of musical movie

Moscow... a city that is transparent and light, pastel, almost ghostly. A city of night lights, rhythm and furious speed. Two young lives, two love stories in the capital in May...

Yulia is a student in the Architecture department. She dreams of creating an incredible building and and of becoming famous. Katya - a photographer and singer - dreams of becoming a star and of singing on the stage. Talented, beautiful, young and ready to take risks, they come from the provinces. They still haven't had their lucky strike, but they know that Moscow does not believe in tears. Each takes her own journey to happiness, not suspecting that one day they will find themselves together in a space verging on darkness and light, where everything will change as love bursts into their life...


The main characters of this film are two girls, Yulia and Katya, who came to Moscow from the provinces. They are beautiful and trustful and are clumsy in their desire to succeed. Yulia is a student studying architecture. Katya is a photographer and a singer. Yulia dreams of becoming a famous architect, Katya dreams of becoming a star and of singing on stage. Katya writes beautiful music, but she needs a Hit, a song that will slay the audience. Yulia designs incredible buildings, but she must achieve recognition in the world of architecture. What they both lack is luck. Until one day everything changes...

The film tells about three days that changes their lives. For Yulia it is meeting a great Turkish architect, who appreciates her talent. For Katya it is writing a song - the hit that makes her a star.

Two heroines. Two lives in Moscow in May.

One version of Moscow is a city of transparency and light, but it is not bright, it is more pastel, almost ghostly.

This Moscow suits our first heroine well. She is so transparent she seems to soar. She is studying to be an architect and imagines the buildings of her dreams, where the smoothness of her lines tightly follow the bends of the Moscow River.

The heroine's dress seems to echo the sky above her, while her porcelain face resembles a background of clouds hovering in the setting sun.

The second heroine is impetuous and loud. With heavy dark hair and a penetrating gaze, she's all squalls and eruptions, all onslaught and aggression. Her element is music, her dream is glory, her obsession is having a Hit.

Her Moscow is a city of night lights, rhythm and frenzied speed, a bright flash in the night, that fades in pre-dawn silence and surrenders to dawn, which absorbs the darkness, consuming it without a trace.
These two young women interact only tangentially, they know of each other only through mutual friends, proving the theory of six degrees of separation. Each lives in her own dream city, never suspecting that one day they will encounter a space on the brink of darkness and light where they will almost meet.



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