26 February, 19:00
Lecture, Foyer

A Lecture by Igor Yatsko

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Action as an Object of Theatre

Igor Yatsko, being a disciple of Anatoly Vasilyev, has studied the science of performative structures. He spent 20 years in Vasilyev's laboratory absorbing all the steps of his doctrine. Having come to Vasilyev as a young actor who had studied and worked several years in Saratov, he sended through all the labyrinths of Vasilyev's experiments and never once rebelled. He has even said rather pompously: "Vasilyev showed me the way." Such is the way he he has traversed, never having turned aside. Igor Yatsko devotes his lecture, which may be of interest primarily to actors, to the technology and methodology of performative theater.

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