7 February, 19:00
Presentation, Foyer

Presentation of Volume Two of Somov's Diaries

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Presentation of Volume Two of Somov's Diaries (Dmitry Sechin publishers, 2018)

The publication of the diaries of painter Konstantin Somov was one of last year's biggest literary sensations. Now comes a second volume with entries for the years 1923 - 1925. At the center of the narrative is Somov's trip to the United States to organize a large exhibition of Russian art.

In this volume we see the life of Russian New York in the mid-1920s, the intrigues of secret Soviet agents, the tours of Konstantin Stanislavsky's Moscow Art Theatre, concerts of Fyodor Chaliapin and Nikolai Medtner. Among the main characters of these extremely frank notes are composer Sergei Rachmaninov and his youngest daughter Tatyana. They not only posed for Somov, but also entered the artist's inner circle of friends.

Participating in the presentation are Pavel Golubev, a historian of Russian art, publisher of the diary of Konstantin Somov, and Dmitry Sechin - Director of Dmitry Sechin publishers.

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