22 October, 15:00

An open seminar on theatrical criticism

The School of Contemporary Spectators and Listeners jointly with Zamysli journal presents
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The instruments of contemporary theatre have become extremely complex: critics, experts and spectators cannot always keep up with the rapid development of the art form. Failing to fit the formats and criteria of the conventional educational system, the new theatre requires a new manner of exploration, one that is devoid of a rigorous evaluation apparatus, is mobile and is based on the knowledge and understanding of creative and technological processes. The Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, together with Zamysli journal and journalist Olga Fedyanina, hosts an open meeting regarding the results of a seminar for young theatre experts who studied Orphic Games. Pank-macrame and prepared their own, creative answer to the project, exceeding the limits of conventional theatre. Papers written for the seminar will be published in the new issue of Zamysli, which is dedicated to the laboratory movement in Russian and foreign theatre of the XX century. Publications will be implemented in purely personal forms of criticism and analytics, which the editors of the journal will develop in the framework of the seminar itself. The joint efforts will explore the "technique of accompaniment" in new theatrical formats, of which Orphic Games is an example.

Curators: Olga Fedyanina, Yekaterina Kostrikova, Kristina Matvienko


Admission free with prior registration on TimePad.ru.


The School for the Contemporary Viewer and Listener

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