The Seagull

A joint project of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre and the Vottebe independent production team. With support from the Moscow Department of Culture.
Directors: Yuriy Muravickiy, Yuriy Kvyatkovskiy, Kirill Vytoptov
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Three directors stage one play by Chekhov – that very one whose plot involves a young artist. Yury Muravitsky, Yury Kvyatkovsky and Kirill Vytoptov are directors of the same generation but of various backgrounds. Each of them creates their own Seagull with actors of the Electrotheatre company. The play’s four acts, from the words, “Why do you always wear black?” to “Konstantin Gavrilovich has shot himself” are broken down into three performances, three visions, three manners of deconstructing a text, three versions of events. Muravitsky offers up a fashion show where each character is doomed to wear his or her lines as if they were costumes. Kvyatkovsky heads up a set of lessons in which Chekhov’s characters and dialogue are reborn by way of actor improvisations. Vytoptov creates a musical “bar” where the play’s characters meet face to face with their doubles from contemporary life. Each of the directors performs the role of the young writer Treplev in the acts staged by his colleagues.

Based on a play by Anton Chekhov
Designed by Nana Abdrashitova

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