Yukhananov's 'Serial Opera' Narrates Civilization Myth
12.06.2015 | Theatre

by John Freedman

When Moscow last saw this show a few years ago it was relatively small, at least in temporal terms. But Boris Yukhananov doesn’t know or do "small." It’s not in his nature.

"Sverliitsy/Drillalians" — you’ll need an explanation whether your language is Russian, English or both — began as a single overture in 2012 performed in Moscow’s Artplay space. Actually, it was half an overture, but that’s how Yukhananov works, always looking to make the most of what he has.

John Freedman, The Moscow Times about 'Blue Bird'
22.04.2015 | Theatre

Yukhananov Looks Back and Forward in Passionate 'Blue Bird'

Maurice Maeterlinck’s «The Blue Bird» is one of the most iconic plays in Russian theater lore. It was first staged in 1908 by Konstantin Stanislavsky, and, believe it or not, a direct descendant of that production still plays today at the Gorky Moscow Art Theater.

Aside from certain spiritual connections, Boris Yukhananov’s epic «Blue Bird» at the Stanislavsky Electrotheater has little to do with the original play, and less to do with the famous Stanislavsky production.

Stanislavsky Electrotheater Opens With 'Bacchae'
28.01.2015 | Theatre

Moscow this week lost one of its most prominent theaters, founded originally in 1935 by Konstantin Stanislavsky, the co-founder of the famed Moscow Art Theater. But as the curtain figuratively fell on the old Stanislavsky Drama Theater, located a stone's throw from Pushkin Square on Tverskaya Ulitsa, a spectacular new playhouse took its place. Welcome, Stanislavsky Electrotheater!