Boris Yukhananov: “You Must Take Care of Your Face”
07.12.2017 | СМИ о нас
September 27, 2017
Marina Tokareva
Novaya gazeta
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Theatre Navigator: best premieres of the season
19.10.2016 | СМИ о нас

October 1
Harper's Bazaar Art
Katya Sakharova

«Travelling through times and spaces» ​Monika Pasiecznik
21.09.2016 | СМИ о нас

The opera-novel Sverliytsy in the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre in Moscow
Boris Yukhananov: «I am no humanist, I am a humanoid»
03.09.2016 | СМИ о нас

At the end of March 2016 Boris Yukhananov spoke at the Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater. Yukhananov was the first prominent director in Russia to work closely with people with Down syndrome. THEATRE publishes Yukhananov’s story about this theatrical and human experience.

By Boris Yukhananov

Moscow Theater: Seven Productions for After the Summer
22.08.2016 | СМИ о нас

The Moscow Times
By Andrei Muchnik


Dark, disturbing and inventive 

One of the most anticipated premieres of last season, “Psychosis” is as much an experiment as it is a theater production. The director is Alexander Zeldovich — best known for his films based on Vladimir Sorokin’s dystopian screenplays — while visuals for the backdrop were provided by AES+F, Russia’s most famous group of video artists. Based on Sarah Kane’s “4.48 Psychosis,” the play chronicles a case of clinical depression through the monologues of 19 different women. Kane’s lines are both powerful and disturbing, especially when accompanied by AES+F’s vivid imagery which oscillates between happiness and vulgarity. The production is accompanied by English subtitles. 

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The Practice of Creating the Future
22.08.2016 | СМИ о нас

The Electrotheatre Stanislavsky, which took an old pre-revolutionary name meaning “cinema” to its new future, opened its doors in the winter of 2015 with a light show and a composition by Dmitry Kurlyandsky that were seen/heard by all passersby on Tverskaya Street.

City of Chekhov: Where to See The Seagull in Moscow
06.05.2016 | СМИ о нас
Газета The Moscow Times. 5 мая 2016.
Автор: Андрей Мучник

"Theatrical Insomnia: The Seagull" at the Stanislavsky Electrotheater

Experimental production by 3 talented directors
Yulia Bederova. "An Opera in Five Weeks." Kommersant, July 15, 2015
24.04.2016 | Theatre
This, the first of two evenings of overtures, tells the epic tale of the phantasmagorical civilization of Drillalia, which exists parallel to earth. The work's chief protagonist, a prince, must save his magical land from destruction. In this first episode, Drillalians occupy the deck of the transportational device that transfers their gondolas through space and time during a ritual dedicated to the perishing of the world. The first two parts of this series are overtures (formally – a single overture in two parts). But even if nothing else were to follow them, we would learn much from them of Drillalian aesthetics, of light irony amid pretentious fairy tales, and of contemporary opera in Russia.
Alexei Parin, Opernwelt
24.04.2016 | Theatre
The Stanislavsky Electrotheatre's Drillalians hexalogy is an exeptional event in the sphere of new musical and opera theater in Moscow. In just a short time under the leadership of Boris Yukhananov the Electrotheatre has become one of the most fashionable stages in Moscow. Five premieres in the Drillalians cycle, now published in CD and DVD formats, took place in the course of a week. Yukhananov, who directed and wrote the entire libretto, notes in the program: "Alongside earthly reality another civilization exists parallel to it. Its name is Drillalia".