Yulia Bederova. "An Opera in Five Weeks." Kommersant, July 15, 2015
24.04.2016 | Theatre

This, the first of two evenings of overtures, tells the epic tale of the phantasmagorical civilization of Drillalia, which exists parallel to earth. The work's chief protagonist, a prince, must save his magical land from destruction. In this first episode, Drillalians occupy the deck of the transportational device that transfers their gondolas through space and time during a ritual dedicated to the perishing of the world. The first two parts of this series are overtures (formally – a single overture in two parts). But even if nothing else were to follow them, we would learn much from them of Drillalian aesthetics, of light irony amid pretentious fairy tales, and of contemporary opera in Russia.

Kourliandski's segment – a sound installation, harsh in its constructivist manner, and cleverly assembled with a minimum of devices from a single sound, over which figurations of vocal and instrumental overtones soar – endows the story with a precise feel and intonation, while Boris Filanovsky's segment is the most ambitious composition of the entire project.