Theatre Navigator: best premieres of the season
19.10.2016 | СМИ о нас

October 1
Harper's Bazaar Art
Katya Sakharova

Quote: "This can’t be explained, it must be seen, this performance in the format of a ‘new processual’ project chosen by Stanislavsky Electrotheatre artistic director Boris Yukhananov to display publicly his work on Roman philosopher Apuleius' The Golden Ass. You may enter at any point of the five-day theatrical event. More or less finished scenes, “compositions,” are shown each evening (from 7 to 11 p.m.) while, in the afternoon, from 2 to 6 p.m.,we watch "modules" - that is, something similar to final rehearsals.
Keyword: “something similar.” On the eve of the first performance one thing is clear - if you leave it to Yukhananov and his team (costume designer Anastasia Nefedova and composer Dmitry Kourliandski), be assured that the performance will be dazzling, phantasmagorical, fresh and witty.

Boris Yukhananov is a former student of the legendary Anatoly Vasilyev and a director with the reputation of a magician and mystic. He speaks in manifestos for hours and stages marathon productions that last several evenings covering ten or more hours with intermissions. This time, Yukhananov asks us to give up 45 hours to theatre.
Yelena Smorodinova 

Yesterday it became totally clear that the ​​process of new processualism has been​ ​launched into the stratosphere, ​and ​that the influence of the Electrotheatre on the theatrical​ ​process has entered the stage of the genesis of a full-fledged esoteric capsule, a chrysalis​ ​capable of returning the spectator to the role of the initiate even if it is as a minor adept​​ and not as a hierophant.
Dmitry Lisin