Moscow Theater: Seven Productions for After the Summer
22.08.2016 | СМИ о нас
The Moscow Times
By Andrei Muchnik


Dark, disturbing and inventive 

One of the most anticipated premieres of last season, “Psychosis” is as much an experiment as it is a theater production. The director is Alexander Zeldovich — best known for his films based on Vladimir Sorokin’s dystopian screenplays — while visuals for the backdrop were provided by AES+F, Russia’s most famous group of video artists. Based on Sarah Kane’s “4.48 Psychosis,” the play chronicles a case of clinical depression through the monologues of 19 different women. Kane’s lines are both powerful and disturbing, especially when accompanied by AES+F’s vivid imagery which oscillates between happiness and vulgarity. The production is accompanied by English subtitles. 

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