Спуск в ад по извилинам мозга. Александр Зельдович поставил «4.48 Психоз»

Elena Dyakova, Novaya Gazeta, 16 October 2016

"The human being today is changing, she/he is less holistic. She/He doesn’t express her/himself in a single voice as she/he used to. She/He less often tells about her/himself by way of her/his own destiny – she/he has none. Instead of a single position, she/he consists of a multitude of voices. She/He is polyphonic and may be expressed by a sum of voices, a chorus. In that sense this play precisely describes the contemporary human being, for this is how she/he is structured.' writes Alexander Zeldovich. "I don't think this description of the contemporary individual is universal or exhaustive. But Kane's play, it would seem, has been grasped quite precisely. The working hypothesis is proposed and implemented."