February 21, Tuesday, 7 p.m.
Performance. The Art of Performance. Performativity
2 hours
Roselee Goldberg’s project, which includes books, exhibits and the PERFORMA festival, goes a long way toward providing a definition of performance art in our times. This seminarp proposes to put Goldberg’s criticism to the test by way of Jacques Derrida’s concept of archive. The impossibility of a strict definition and the absence of criteria by which we may value any given performance leads to the destruction of the “law of the archive.” So how do we speak of universal criteria in the artistic analysis of performance art?
Anastasia Proshutinskaya is the curator of modern dance at the ZIL Cultural Center. She received a Master’s Degree in Performance Studies from Southern Illinois University and a Master’s in Art History from Moscow State University. She has been a resident at leading performance art spaces in New York - The Kitchen and New York Live Arts. Since 2014 she has been the organizer of the ZIL Dance Platform international festival and residency.
Her opponent, Yulia Liderman, is a culturologist, an independent researcher and the co-creator of the Theatrum Mundi Laboratory.  
Moderated by Yulia Liderman and Galina Shmatova 
This is a joint program of the Theatrum Mundi Laboratory and the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre’s School of Contemporary Spectators and Listeners.
Admission free with advance registration on Timepad.ru; limited seating.