December 14 to 16, 7 p.m.
Small Stage
Faryatyev's Fantasies
A play by Alla Sokolova
A Golden Ass project
Directed by
Music composed by
Anna Pashinskaya
2 hours, 10 minutes with one permission

This production about the freedom to live simply, and outside of totalitarianism, was staged by Yevgeny Bednyakov, a graduate of Boris Yukhananov’s Studio of Individual Directing (MIR). The play by St. Petersburg playwright Alla Sokolov became popular thanks to the film made of it by Ilya Averbakh in 1979. It tells the story of a dentist who is obsessed with the idea of forcing people to come together, never taking into account the element of simple human feelings. Director Yevgeny Bednyakov interprets the play as a tale of psychological and spiritual terrorism. The dreamer Faryatyev intends to bring happiness to a trio of women – a mother and her two daughters – but causes nothing but suffering.

“This is a play about love, about souls meeting and parting, about dreams and reality, about the adversarial relationship between the head and the heart. My cast and I entered into a territory of complex familial relations, relationships between the sexes, and of the difficulties existing in the world today.” – Yevgeny Bednyakov.

Tickets run 1,000 and up