16 July 21:00
The concert on the occasion of the release of the single “Too close”

'Elektromonteur' is a dark pop duet of Mikhail Borzenkov and Sanchir Badakov

The group performs dance and electronic music with reference to new wave sound, romantic Russian vocals and minimalistic guitar lines.

During a year of its existence 'Elektromonteur' succeeded to perform in Moscow clubs – from 'Powerhouse Moscow' to '16 tons', on a number of evening parties and twice – on the stage of Moscow 'GlavClub/Yotaspace' — first, with the star of British soul Alex Clare, and then – with their idol Jay-Jay Johanson.

22 June 2015 there was released new single of the group 'Too close' recorded with the legends of Moscow new wave – 'The Obermaneken' group. 

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