Small Stage
Premiere. A Golden Ass project
2 hours, 50 minutes with two intermissions

After the play by Jean Racine

Translated by Vladimir Shor and Inessa Shafarenko

Directed by Leisan Faizullina

Dramaturged by Lyudmila Zaitseva

Designed by Alexandra Alekseeva

Lighting design by Maxim Biryukov

Music by Kirill Chernegin

Sound designer: Nikita Vasilenko

Choreographed by Konstantin Matulevsky

Fight consultant: Nikolai Dmitrov

Development and creation of computer graphics by Vladislav Zinovyev

Technological support for filming: Motion Capture (Andrei Sirobaba)

Cast: Vera Kuznetsova, Alexanader Miloserdov, Anna Kuzminskaya, Anton Lapenko, Tatyana Nazarova, Nikolai Trifilov, Nina Firsova, Yevgeny Kapustin, Alexandra Verkhoshanskaya, Alyona Kakhuta.

What do you do if you are given the opportunity to seize power you do not need?

What do you do if, time and time again, fate does not deliver what you are seeking?

What do you do if, after everything you have done, you are of interest to no one?

What do you do if everything you fought for is no longer of value?

The Trojan War has ended. Andromaque and her little son are captives of King Pyrrhus, who would marry her. She, however, loves Hector, who was killed in the war by Achilles, Pyrrhus’s father. Hermione, the daughter of Helen of Troy and the bride of Pyrrhus, waits to become his wife. Orestes, in the full bloom of love, arrives in Epirus to take Hermione home with him.

Director Leisan Faizullina provides the spectator an opportunity to peer into the abyss of his or her own consciousness and, recognizing the totality of loneliness, resolve what you can possibly desire when the old is no more and the new does not exist.

The first act of the production begins in Instagram:

Tickets run 1,000 and up