26 July, 20:30
Concert, Theatre Yard


A Happening
Free registration
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Part One begins at 8:30 p.m.

This interactive party-happening marks the closing of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre’s season in the Theatre Yard.

Everyone attending will have the opportunity to explore the acoustic possibilities of dissimilar surfaces and textures, ride a scooter and become a co-author of a performance in which science pop meets contemporary art and pure entertainment.

The Happening begins with the final stages of the soundcheck, and a lecture on the nature of sound which will offer the latest theories of sound and music. At the same time, the director will introduce the audience to the peculiarities of sound production and the rules of behavior on the skating rink and the galleries.

The Happening’s main event will begin at 9:30:
Sergei Malinin will sing accompanied by drummer Igor Makarov and electronic musicians Oleg Makarov and Kurt Lidvart.
In the center of the courtyard there will be a sound-making skating rink, that is, a platform of steel sheets next to which there will be 12 scooters and 12 pairs of roller skates for all comers. Spectators may bring their own scooters and skates.

The Yard’s galleries will be wired with piezo sensors; you will create your own sounds every time you touch the surfaces of the galleries. In the culminating phase the galleries will ring out like a bell and each guest will be able to contribute to the sounds of the Happening by striking objects with a hammer.

Especially for this party, Noor Bar will open an “affiliate bar” in the Yard, offering the finest summer Martinis, lemonades and cherries. Spectators holding a ticket to Konstantin Bogomolov The Magic Mountain (Stanislavsky Electrotheatre Main stage) will receive a 20% discount. Those registering for the Happening in advance on TimePad.ru will receive a 10% discount.

Meanwhile, in the Noor Bar courtyard (around the corner), a Phonograph Party will be in full swing. It will consist of music recorded on phonographs at the beginning of the 20th century. This party music will be broadcast to the Theatre Yard, but if you so desire, you may walk freely back and forth between the two yards.

Alexander Belousov, Oleg Makarov, Kurt Lidvart, Sergei Malinin, Igor Makarov, Nikita Vasilenko
Sound producer: Mikhail Ivanov
Lighting: Alexei Naumov

Admission free

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