24 June, 21:00
Concert, Theatre Yard

Tina Kuznetsova - Zventa Sventana. Solo Concert

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Zventa Sventana is Tina Kuznetsova’s own unique musical project. It combines the past and future, folk music and contemporary sounds, neo-classicism and techno.

The public also knows the group’s founder as a finalist in The Voice. Before she created Zventa Sventana, Kuznetsova studied ethnographical music. Moreover, she had also studied jazz and pop at the Gnesin College of Music, and the Institute of Contemporary Art. She has won prizes at international musical competitions and has performed with B-2, Igor Butman, Anton Belyayev (Therr Maitz), Pelageya, the Volkov Trio and the legendary Bobby McFerrin.

Kuznetsova’s group is currently working on a new album and regularly participates in such festivals as Usadba Jazz, Wild Mint, Igor Butman’s Jazzz Seasons, and Russian culture days in the U.k., the Netherlands, Lithuania and Thailand.

Tina Kuznetsova: “The key song for me is the soul of the people. That is where the fullness of life is focused. It is something about which the contemporary urban dweller has almost no conception. It comprises everything — love and great sorrow, and the echoes of terrible dramas, with which love affects even the strongest person. It includes age-old traditional wisdom that allows us to survive such cataclysms and, no matter what fate has in store, to give sense to our lives. Folk music has been more or less ignored for nearly 100 years. We would like to give it a second wind and reveal this unique cultural force to the whole world.”

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