4 June, 22:00
Concert, Electro Staircase

Electrostatica. Alexei Kokhanov: Marxophonia

A musical performance based on Karl Marx’s Das Kapital
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Alexei Kokhanov uses the text of Karl Marx's Das Kapital as material for a musical improvisation. The book’s segments that are most relevant and controversial for our time are processed using advanced vocal techniques in real time. In Marxophonia Das Kapital finds musical expression, that points to the consonance of a new order and is a symbol of a deconstructed utopia.

Alexei Kokhanov, soloist, graduated from Gnesin University with a specialty in Choral Conducting. He was trained at the Paris National Conservatory, and the Flemish Opera Studio in Ghent, is a member of the Klang 21 creative association (Salzburg), and a regular participant in the Pocket Opera festival of contemporary music. He participates in Natalya Pshenichnikova’s Golos laboratory, and is an actor in the Dmitry Krymov laboratory. At the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre he performs in Alexander Belousov’s Maniozis and Maniozis 2 by Alexander Belousov; and the new-processual Orpheus project.

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