15 April, 19:00
Lecture, Foyer

Modern Art Practice and the Aesthetics of Postmodernity

Ten lectures on the postmodern: a short course in surviving in the contemporary world of culture.
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Lecture No. 7.

Postmodernism as a phenomenon of culture: How does culture affect us, and do we influence it? Throughout this course of lectures the main concepts of postmodern philosophy will be examined in detail.

Modern Art Practice and the Aesthetics of Postmodernity

- Visual shift, and changes in the humanities and art;
- The postmodern ideology of culture: intercultural communication and the translator's strategy;
- Art and art practices as a way of existence for a decentralized person in a marginal situation and a dynamic space;
- The aesthetics of modernity and postmodernity: innovation and repetition; irony, play and intertextuality...

Lecturer: Yulia Barysheva, PhD in Culturology, senior lecturer.

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