24 March, 23:00
Film, Foyer

Video Translation of The Blue Bird

A participant in the Night at the Theatre action
Free registration
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The Stanislavsky Electrotheatre participates in the citywide Night at the Theatre action. One hour before midnight, we will begin a video broadcast of The Blue Bird, based on the play by Maurice Maeterlinck.
In Boris Yukhananov's grand-scale production, Maeterlinck's tale is intertwined with the personal memories of the Electrotheatre's veteran actors Aleftina Konstantinova and Vladimir Korenev, who play the children Tyltyl and Mytyl.
The performance consists of three parts and, on ordinary days, it runs three nights in a row. During the Night at the Theatre action, however, guests of the theatre will be able to watch the entire performance from beginning to end.

The video broadcast will be held in the theatre lobby. Free admission by way of advance registration on TimePad.ru

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